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Buying in Charlevoix

Purchasing real estate in Charlevoix is an exciting yet nuanced process. Charlevoix offers a tremendous range of housing options, from quaint in-town Victorians to sprawling estates along Lake Charlevoix. Many different motivations drive buying in Charlevoix, but there are certain steps any purchaser can take to best position them for success. 

Define Your Mission 

Many buyers feel a broad draw to Charlevoix, and as a result are inclined to explore a wide variety of Charlevoix homes for sale. Rather than explore Charlevoix listings first, I recommend starting with a clear definition of the lifestyle you wish to capture. The type of home you buy is obviously important, but buying real estate in Charlevoix is also about the…

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Properties in Bay Harbor are some of the most luxurious, attractive homes in all of Northern Michigan. Though there is a common thread of quality throughout Bay Harbor homes for sale, there is also significant variety in style, features, and price. When looking to sell your Bay Harbor property, it is important to be strategic in your efforts to ensure a timely sale at an acceptable price. Consider the following as you look to sell your Bay Harbor Real Estate:

Educated Valuation

There are many nuances that must be considered when valuing Bay Harbor real estate. No two properties are alike, even in the same association! Floor plans, view, finish quality, and many other intricacies must be considered when determining how a Bay Harbor listing…

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The Burt Lake real estate market is an exciting and diverse option for your waterfront home search. It’s impressive size in addition to being part of the Inland Waterway make it a great option for boating, fishing, and all other on water recreation. That same impressive size also leads to a wide range of Burt Lake homes for sale. When buying Burt Lake property, it is important to be strategic and well informed. The following steps will help you get your search off on the right foot.

Start with Your Dream

Because Burt Lake listings vary so widely, it’s important to really dial into the features you are looking for in a lakefront home. Owning a Burt Lake home is about more than shoreline and square footage. Give some thought to what is attracting…

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Petoskey at a Glance:

  • Year-Round Population: 6,000
  • Summer Population: Roughly 40,000
  • History: Europeans missionaries have established missions around Little Traverse Bay by the 1850’s. Jesuit, Catholic, Mormon, and Presbyterian missionaries were all in the area and settled various parts of Northern Michigan. Once the railroad was built in 1873, the area experienced rapid growth.  A newspaper reporter from Grand Rapids, described the area as “the land of million-dollar sunsets” a phrase that is still used today in the area, and was a large selling point to early tourism in the area.
  • Name:  Originally called Bear River when missionaries first arrived in 1855, the town was later renamed Petoskey after Chief Petosega.
  • Industry: In the 19th…
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As part of the famed Inland Waterway, Pickerel Lake is an attractive yet sometimes overlooked real estate market in Northern Michigan. Pickerel Lake real estate can be dynamic in its features and price point, making the market uniquely nuanced. Whether buying or selling on Pickerel Lake, it is important to work with an expert who understands this market intimately. As a lifelong resident of this area with over a decade working in the Pickerel Lake real estate market, I am well positioned to guide you through your buying or selling process. Here are just a few of the reasons I am the best Pickerel Lake Real Estate agent to assist you:

Lake Nuances

I recognize that not all Pickerel Lake homes for sale are the same, just as not all parts of the lake…

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Defining the Lake Michigan Real Estate Market as a single entity is misleading, and does a disservice to buyers and sellers alike. While there are a few common elements found in most Lake Michigan real estate, there are innumerable nuances that separate one property or community from the next along the lower peninsula’s western edge. As an owner on Lake Michigan, you already realize the unique characteristics of your real estate. As you look to sell, educating buyers on those features is an important first step on the road to closing.

What Makes Your Property Special?

When placing your Lake Michigan real estate for sale, it is important to harken back to the things that drew you to the home to begin with. It’s very likely that you were at one point…

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Crooked Lake at a Glance:

  • Maximum depth is 50 feet.
  • Shoreline: 16.3 miles
  • Water Acreage: 2,351 acres
  • Primary Inflows: Mud Creek, Cedar Creek, and Minnehaha Creek
  • Primary Outflows: Crooked River
  • Crooked Lake, in conjunction with Pickerel, Round, and Spring Lake make up the headwaters for the Inland Waterway.
  • The three small communities around Crooked Lake (Conway, Oden, and Ponshewaing) are all remnants from when settlements sprung up due to the influx of tourists the Grand Rapids and Indiana railroads brought to the area.



  • Black Crappie, Bluegill, Brown Bullhead, Brown Trout, Green Sunfish, Lake Trout, Largemouth Bass, Muskellunge, Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Rock Bass, Smallmouth Bass,…
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Navigating Harbor Springs homes for sale can sometimes seem imposing. There are so many communities, associations, and attractions to consider! From ski in condos, to golf course homes, to palatial lakefront estates, Harbor Springs has something for everyone! There are a few keys to the Harbor Springs buying process that will help you ultimately find your dream property. 

Let Your Lifestyle Rule

Instead of focusing on the particulars of Harbor Springs real estate listings, the better first step is to think about what attracts you to the area. How do you envision spending your days in Harbor Springs? Perhaps you are a winter enthusiast drawn to the exceptional skiing offered at local resorts. You may aspire to spend your days enjoying the quaint…

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Boyne City at a Glance:

  • Year-Round Population: 3,735
  • Summer Population: Roughly 15,000
  • History: Europeans first settled the area in 1856.  The area that is now known as boyne city was settled due to the abundance of lumber.  With other lumber camps already in the area and the railroad coming to Northern Michigan, it only made sense to have a lumber operation in Boyne City as well.
  • Name:  Originally known as just “Boyne” the name was changed to Boyne City at the turn of the 20th century.
  • Industry: In the 19th and 20th century, the main industry was lumber.  In modern day, tourism is what drives the local economy of Boyne City.
  • Schools:
    • Boyne City Public Schools

Signature Features and Events:

  • Boyne Thunder: Boat…
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Too often overlooked as the linchpin of the Inland Waterway communities, Indian River is a darling town with much to offer. A quality array of dining options along with grocery and retail solutions make Indian River an attractive option for both seasonal and year-round buyers. When it comes to actual real estate, Indian River offers a broad spectrum of housing. Everything from Burt Lake & Mullett Lake properties to large acreage parcels, to in-town neighborhoods…Indian River has something for everyone! As a buyer, you need a local expert able who can understand your lifestyle goals and guide you to the right housing. As a seller, you need a representative who can accentuate your strengths and present your property to qualified, targeted buyers. I have…

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