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Charlevoix at a Glance:

  • Year-round Population: 2,513 
  • Summer Population: roughly 18,000
  • Charlevoix is named after a French explorer,Pierre Francois Xavier de Charlevoix, who was exploring the Great Lakes and sought shelter on Fisherman’s Island during a rough storm. The area was named after him in 1836.
  • The first permanent European settlement in the area was established in 1852 by mainly fisherman.
  • The Homestead Act of 1862 brought more people to Northern Michigan where 160 acre parcels of land were being sold for $1.25 an acre.
  • The Pine River Channel was created in 1869 connecting Round Lake to Lake Michigan.
  • During Prohibition, Charlevoix became a popular destination for Chicago area gang members. The Keuka, an old lumber barge…
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It isn’t hard to see why so many buyers gravitate to Lake Michigan. The stunning beauty of the third largest Great Lake is difficult to match, while much of the shoreline in our market is oriented towards the famed “million dollar sunsets” for which our region is known. However, not all Lake Michigan real estate is created equal, and buyers need to take an informed approach to their search. There are several steps I recommend all Lake Michigan buyers take as they begin their search:

Know Your Lifestyle Goals

The views afforded by Lake Michigan real estate are breathtaking from almost any vantage point, so buying for the view alone doesn’t make sense. Instead, as a buyer I recommend you think about the life you aspire to in Northern Michigan. Are you…

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When marketing Burt Lake real estate, there are several easy steps you can take to help your property attract more looks and make a more positive impression on buyers. As you prepare to sell your Burt Lake home, consider the following:

Price is Right

Know what your Burt Lake home is worth by having a free home evaluation performed. I am able to provide a detailed, no-obligation analysis, which factors recent sales, competing inventory, and market trends in to arrive at a projected fair market value for your property.. These home evaluations are very informative and detailed, and will give you a realistic expectation on what your property can sell for in today's market.

Order Your Free Burt Lake Home Evaluation

See Current Burt Lake…

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In Bay Harbor, buyers and sellers find one of the most dynamic, luxurious, and complex real estate markets in Northern Michigan. There are myriad factors to navigate from both sides of the transaction, and expert guidance can be essential in bringing a transaction together. I have enjoyed great and growing success when it comes Bay Harbor real estate, and am confident I am the agent best suited to represent you in this community. As many satisfied clients have attested through their testimonials, I commit myself to serving my customers to the highest degree. Specifically for Bay Harbor, there are several areas where I can help make a meaningful difference on your behalf.

Knowledge of Bay Harbor's Nuanced Market

Bay Harbor real estate is a vast…

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If you are considering putting your Crooked Lake property up for sale, there are several key steps you should take as part of the process. It is important to approach this process in a thoughtful and strategic manner, ensuring you can secure the best possible terms from an eventual buyer. I recommend you take the following steps as you begin to explore the prospects of selling your Crooked Lake property:

Get the Market Facts

When it comes to Crooked Lake Real Estate, you need to be mindful of several important market facts. First, what is your property worth? The best way to determine this is to order your free home evaluation, which I can provide in a prompt, detailed manner. Drawing from recent sales on the lake along with current trends, we can…

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Harbor Springs at a Glance:

  • Prior to the late 17th century, the area was settled by Odawa tribes that would spend the spring and summer months farming, fishing, and collecting maple syrup. The Odawa tribes called the area Waganikisi.
  • The French were the first Europeans to come to the area in the late 1600’s who called the area “L’Arbre Croche” which means The Crooked Tree.
  • Eventually, the French developed a fur trade which included a small village in what is now Harbor Springs.
  • In the mid 1800’s, the French renamed the area Petite Traverse, meaning Little Traverse.
  • The town of Harbor Springs was incorporated in 1880.
  • The main industries at the time were logging and farming.
  • Year-round Population: 1206
  • Summer Population: over…
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If you love the idea of an all-sports lake that is still rich in privacy and natural tranquility, Douglas Lake is likely to draw your attention. With the University of Michigan Biological Station owning a large percentage of the total Douglas Lake shoreline, listing inventory can be comparatively light. Still, it is important as a buyer to be highly informed and well prepared when approaching Douglas Lake real estate. By following these simple steps, you can position yourself to make a great Douglas Lake purchase:

Prepare Financially

Because Douglas Lake listings are typically limited in supply, it is important that you be ready to move when the right property hits the market. If you plan to use lender financing as part of your purchase, I highly…

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