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Boyne City at a Glance:

  • Year-Round Population: 3,735
  • Summer Population: Roughly 15,000
  • History: Europeans first settled the area in 1856.  The area that is now known as boyne city was settled due to the abundance of lumber.  With other lumber camps already in the area and the railroad coming to Northern Michigan, it only made sense to have a lumber operation in Boyne City as well.
  • Name:  Originally known as just “Boyne” the name was changed to Boyne City at the turn of the 20th century.
  • Industry: In the 19th and 20th century, the main industry was lumber.  In modern day, tourism is what drives the local economy of Boyne City.
  • Schools:
    • Boyne City Public Schools

Signature Features and Events:

  • Boyne Thunder: Boat…
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Too often overlooked as the linchpin of the Inland Waterway communities, Indian River is a darling town with much to offer. A quality array of dining options along with grocery and retail solutions make Indian River an attractive option for both seasonal and year-round buyers. When it comes to actual real estate, Indian River offers a broad spectrum of housing. Everything from Burt Lake & Mullett Lake properties to large acreage parcels, to in-town neighborhoods…Indian River has something for everyone! As a buyer, you need a local expert able who can understand your lifestyle goals and guide you to the right housing. As a seller, you need a representative who can accentuate your strengths and present your property to qualified, targeted buyers. I have…

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