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Buying Paradise Lake real estate is a great move for the budget-minded buyer still looking for fun on a Northern Michigan lake. Affordable and accessible, Paradise Lake offers a number of options for as little as $125,000-$150,000. However, buyers on Paradise Lake should not be swayed by prices alone. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to buying well on Paradise Lake.

Consider Your Ambitions

Are you a big swimmer? You may want to keep your search focused towards Stony Point where the shoreline is harder packed with less vegetation. Looking for easy access to stores, fuel, and dining? You’d be wise to target the western shoreline that provides more immediate access to US31. Is it your hope to build new or add on to a modest cottage in the…

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From the shores of Lake Charlevoix to the more rural outskirts of town, I have come to know Boyne City quite well in my career. I have represented many buyers and sellers in this community, and have grown a personal fondness for Boyne City as well. My wife is born and raised in Boyne City, and her family calls still calls this place home. Between my professional responsibilities and personal connections, I have gained a deep understanding of Boyne City real estate. This allows me to serve as the best Boyne City real estate agent to represent their needs. There are many reasons I excel in representing sellers and buyers in Boyne City, including the following:

Understanding Boyne’s Complexities

Despite its modest size, Boyne City is a highly diverse…

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If you have decided to sell your home in Charlevoix, it is important you take the proper steps to protect your interests. There are a number key steps you can take to maximize your exposure to buyers, present your home as attractively as possible, and ultimately secure an offer for the best sale price and terms available. These are lofty but attainable goals for your Charlevoix real estate. While I tailor extensive marketing plans to my individual clients, there are a few steps every Charlevoix seller can take to better position themselves in the marketplace.

Know Your Audience

Not all Charlevoix real estate is created equal. Despite its modest size, Charlevoix caters to very different lifestyles depending on the location and home in question. When…

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Harbor Springs is a highly diverse real estate market that attracts many types of buyers. Some seek the sweeping views of Lake Michigan that stretch along M-119 and the famed “tunnel of trees”. Others wish to be within walking distance to the exceptional shopping and dining found in Harbor Springs’ downtown. Still others gravitate towards the ski resorts, golf courses, and country clubs for their Harbor Springs real estate purchase. You know what motivates your interest in Harbor Springs. However, there is more to the buying process that requires proper professional guidance. Let me help start your Harbor Springs real estate search on the right foot by offering the following tips:

Understand Your Costs

When purchasing Harbor Springs real estate, the…

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One of the signature features of Northern Michigan is the Inland Waterway, an impressive stretch of navigable water that stretches across the state. The combination of beautiful all-sports lakes and winding rivers make these waters some of the most revered in the region.

Pickerel Lake & Crooked Lake

If working from west to east, the Inland Waterway “begins” in the sister waters of Pickerel & Crooked Lakes. Connected by a channel, these waters live somewhat contiguously as a single lake. One of the major draws to Crooked & Pickerel Lakes is their proximity to Petoskey and a wide array of dining, shopping, and recreation. These lakes are much smaller than their Inland Waterway peers (Pickerel Lake is just over 1000 acres, Crooked Lake is roughly…

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Walloon Lake at a Glance

  • Maximum depth is 100 feet.
  • Shoreline: 27.5 miles
  • Water Acreage: 4,270 acres
  • Primary Inflows: Groundwater
  • Primary Outflows: Bear River
  • Walloon Lake is considered an oligotrophic lake, which means there is low plant/algae growth, high water quality, is generally cold and deep, and is well supplied with oxygen which supports activities such as fishing.
  • Walloon Lake got its name when a local butcher, J.R. Haas, saw the name on an old railroad map.
  • There are 4 major basins in Walloon Lake. 
    • North Arm, which has a maximum depth of 52'
    • Foot, with a maximum depth of 80'
    • Main Basin, with a maximum depth of 81'
    • West Arm, maximum depth of 100'

o   The North Arm, which has a…

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There is a tremendous amount of variety in the Lake Charlevoix real estate market. A modest one-bedroom condo can be found just as readily as a multi-million dollar lakefront estate. Much as the real estate itself varies, so too do the Lake Charlevoix communities and waterfront locations. While the best way to ensure your successful sale is to undertake a detailed marketing plan with our team, there are a few bits of advice that apply to all sellers of Lake Charlevoix real estate.

Presentation is Key

Even in a strong market like 2018s, there are plenty of Lake Charlevoix properties available for purchase. One of the dangers anyone with a Lake Charlevoix home for sale faces is getting lost in the crowd. You need to ensure your property is…

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My passion and expertise for Northern Michigan real estate expands across many communities in our area. However, Petoskey is the town I have called home since a child. Born and raised in Petoskey, I am proud to now be raising my own family in this incredible community. Beyond Petoskey real estate, I know the features, amenities, and people that make our town so special. While there are many “local” real estate agents who service our market, I am confident in my ability to bring special features and services to my clients that can’t be duplicated elsewhere.


Deep Roots

Not only has Petoskey been my lifelong home, but it has also been my family’s community for roughly a century. I am a 4th generation Petoskey resident, and I’m proud to say my two…

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Burt Lake At a Glance:

  • Maximum depth is 73 feet.
  • Shoreline: 35 miles
  • Water Acreage: Roughly 17,436 acres
  • Primary Inflows: Maple River, Sturgeon River, Crooked River, Carp Creek
  • Primary Outflows: Indian River
  • 4th largest inland lake in Michigan behind Houghton, Torch, and Charlevoix
  • Burt Lake is in both Emmet and Cheboygan counties, with the western shoreline being near the boundary of the Emmet-Cheboygan line.
  • The lake is named after William A. Burt, who, along with John Mullett, was responsible for a federal survey done of the area between 1840 and 1843.
  • The Burt Lake area is where the Burt Lake Burnout happened in 1900.  This was a forced relocation of the Burt Lake Band of Chippewa and Ottawa Indians in which the sheriff…
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There’s no shortage of reasons to find your Northern Michigan real estate search zeroing in on Crooked Lake. As a part of the famed Inland Waterway, Crooked Lake is conveniently located close to Petoskey, immediately accessible off US31, and adorned with attractive cottages and year-round homes all around its shoreline. Buying on Crooked Lake makes sense for many buyers, but how you go about that purchase is important. Keep these items in mind as you consider Crooked Lake homes for sale:

Balancing Accessibility with Privacy

Crooked Lake’s western shoreline runs parallel to US31, providing uniquely quick access to Petoskey and Harbor Springs. The close proximity to golf, skiing, shopping, dining and more makes Crooked Lake a highly attractive option…

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