How to Sell Your Lake Michigan Property

Posted by Kyle Lieberman on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 at 1:51pm.

Defining the Lake Michigan Real Estate Market as a single entity is misleading, and does a disservice to buyers and sellers alike. While there are a few common elements found in most Lake Michigan real estate, there are innumerable nuances that separate one property or community from the next along the lower peninsula’s western edge. As an owner on Lake Michigan, you already realize the unique characteristics of your real estate. As you look to sell, educating buyers on those features is an important first step on the road to closing.

What Makes Your Property Special?

When placing your Lake Michigan real estate for sale, it is important to harken back to the things that drew you to the home to begin with. It’s very likely that you were at one point a buyer trying to evaluate the large array of Lake Michigan listings available at any given time. What led you specifically to your property or community? Perhaps your home is located on Little Traverse Bay, affording slightly calmer waters and convenient access to Petoskey and Harbor Springs. Perhaps you sought the sweeping unobstructed sunset views found in many Charlevoix properties. It’s likely that something helped narrow your focus to a specific area, and then ultimately your specific Lake Michigan home. By identifying the traits that lured you to your Lake Michigan real estate, we can begin to assemble a marketing plan that will help future buyers make the same judgements you did. Our goal is not just to attract Lake Michigan buyers, we want the buyers that value the same things you did when you made your purchase.

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Make Any Season Your Selling Season

A common mistake when selling Lake Michigan real estate is to assume waterfront homes only sell in the warmer months. In reality, Lake Michigan properties can and do sell year-round, regardless of weather or season. Realistically, most serious Lake Michigan home buyers have a good sense of what the lake looks like in summer, and can navigate seeing a property in off-season condition. Also, many times buyers for Lake Michigan homes actually aspire to use the home during winter as well. This may be a year-round home purchase for them, or perhaps they participate in winter recreation such as skiing in Harbor Springs. Do not let yourself miss out on quality buyers simply waiting for the snow to melt. If selling is the right decision for you, it is usually a smart idea to begin the process sooner than later.

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Price is the Right Price

Finding the appropriate market data to determine a Lake Michigan property’s worth is a complex undertaking. It would be a mistake to simply peruse public websites and rely on “nearby” sales as wholly indicative of your Lake Michigan home’s worth. I can help you sort through the most accurate, relevant market data and find which comps are applicable to you. After seeing your home in person, I can provide a free home evaluation that will factor the property’s specifics in with Lake Michigan sales data. This is the best, surest way to find a price that the market supports and that satisfies your bottom line. This combination is essential to successfully selling your Lake Michigan real estate.

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If you are ready to explore selling on Lake Michigan, I am here to help. Give me a call at (231) 622-1535, and let’s talk about what makes your Lake Michigan home so special. I am confident that a nuanced marketing plan, well timed listing, and proper valuation will help get your Lake Michigan real estate sold!

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