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Posted by Kyle Lieberman on Wednesday, February 6th, 2019 at 1:22pm.


Properties in Bay Harbor are some of the most luxurious, attractive homes in all of Northern Michigan. Though there is a common thread of quality throughout Bay Harbor homes for sale, there is also significant variety in style, features, and price. When looking to sell your Bay Harbor property, it is important to be strategic in your efforts to ensure a timely sale at an acceptable price. Consider the following as you look to sell your Bay Harbor Real Estate:

Educated Valuation

There are many nuances that must be considered when valuing Bay Harbor real estate. No two properties are alike, even in the same association! Floor plans, view, finish quality, and many other intricacies must be considered when determining how a Bay Harbor listing should be priced for sale. With over a decade of experience working in the Bay Harbor marketplace, I have a deep understanding of how to value a property. Once you order your free home evaluation, I will arrange to familiarize myself with your specific property. I’ll then compare it with similar properties that have sold in the area, while helping to highlight the differences between each sale and how they impact your prospects (for better or worse). My goal is to help you find a valuation that is accurate and likely to be achieved should you proceed with listing your Bay Harbor property for sale. 

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Identify Your Target Market

The costs that come with owning in Bay Harbor by themselves narrow the pool of buyers you will be able to target with your Bay Harbor listing. Bay Harbor Yacht Club join fees, HOA & community fees, and a significant tax exposure all factor into buyer budgets. It is important therefore to ensure your property is marketed to an audience of qualified buyers, and also essential that your property’s unique assets be highlighted. When I develop a comprehensive marketing plan for my Bay Harbor sellers, I give careful consideration to the likely buyer type for the home. Some Bay Harbor properties appeal to golf enthusiasts, while others draw the eye of lakefront buyers. There are many special qualities that distinguish one Bay Harbor listing from another, and I work with my clients to ensure their home is presented effectively with the right audience in mind.

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No Time Like Now

A frequent mistake made by Bay Harbor real estate sellers is keeping a home off the market until “season starts”. While it is true that showing activity is its strongest during summer, in reality there are Bay Harbor sales every month of the year. In fact, many times the buyers for Bay Harbor properties in the “off season” are better and more focused than those in peak season. These buyers have often already made the decision to purchase in Bay Harbor and are simply waiting for the right property to pounce on. Waiting until a certain time of year to list your home actually reduces your chance of selling to the most targeted Bay Harbor buyers. If you are confident you are ready to sell, it makes sense to begin the process promptly.

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Selling in Bay Harbor requires strategic thinking and informed decision-making. I can help you take the steps necessary to best position you for success in moving your Bay Harbor property. If you are ready to sell, give me a call at (231) 622-1535 to discuss!

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