Dining in Northern Michigan

It might sound extreme to choose your Northern Michigan home based primarily on the dining options afforded, but for many buyers in our market that is an important consideration. For many seasonal residents, access to a variety of food solutions is important to avoid toiling in the kitchen during precious vacation time. Others have an affinity for the social scene, and want to ensure there are quality options for meeting up with friends or clients. If part of your purchase decision hinges on quality dining solutions, you may find the following information useful:

Restaurant Variety

No town in Northern Michigan can match the variety of restaurants found in Petoskey. Owners of Petoskey real estate enjoy dozens of dining solutions in close proximity, ensuring each night out can be spent eating at a different establishment. Downtown is full of casual dining options such as Mitchell Street Pub, City Park Grill, Noggin Room, Tap 30, Beards Brewery, and Thai Orchid. There are a number of more formal options as well such as Chandler’s, Stafford’s Rose Dining Room, and The Villa. If your preference is the more familiar fare of a franchise, Petoskey is rife with those as well. Applebee’s, Bob Evans, and Pizza Hut are just a few of the national brands located minutes from the heart of Downtown Petoskey. Suffice to say, if your goal is varied dining options then Petoskey makes the most sense for your search.

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Quality over Quantity

Perhaps you are less focused on varied dining options, and more concerned about having a few reliable, quality options nearby. There are several towns that will fit the bill in that instance! Boyne City boasts several exceptional restaurants in Red Mesa Grill, Café Sante, and Bella Vita, along with several breweries and small local-owned establishments. Harbor Springs has several excellent options within walking distance of each other. The Pier, Pierson’s, Paper Station, and The New York Restaurant each provide unique fare and excellent quality. Each of these communities merit a close look for “foodies” eager to try some of the finest cuisine afforded in Northern Michigan.

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Lake Destination Dining

For a lot of buyers in Northern Michigan, the preference is to find dining options that can be accessed by water. The idea of docking at a lunch or dinner destination holds significant appeal for many, and helps keep water enthusiasts where they want to be – on the water. For on-water dining, Charlevoix presents a very attractive option. Not only does the city provide a number of downtown dining options within walking distance of the marina, but it also connects to both East Jordan and Boyne City via Lake Charlevoix. Owners on Burt Lake or Mullett Lake also enjoy the wide range of options available via the Inland Waterway. Specifically, Indian River and Cheboygan provide a number of restaurants accessible by boat. Generally speaking, if you want to reach your dining destination on the water, you would be wise to target one of the larger inland lakes in our area.

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Wherever you go in Northern Michigan, quality dining is not far away. Still, each community and area has its unique character that will be important to consider in your real estate search. I encourage you to explore these towns and visit some of the establishments listed on this page. Getting a sense of the atmosphere, fare, and variety found in each community will help focus your search. After getting a better sense of the communities that most appeal to you for dining and other considerations, give me a call at (231) 622-1535 to discuss your real estate needs!

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