Full-Time Homes in Northern Michigan

If you have made the decision to call Northern Michigan your full-time home, CONGRATULATIONS! You have committed to living in an area steeped in history, diverse in opportunities, and rich in wide-ranging housing solutions. As a lifelong resident of this area, I can speak firsthand to the blessing of living in this corner of the world. As you make your long-term plans, selecting the correct housing is a central consideration of course. Below is some guidance to begin your real estate search. However, the best way to get a good jump on your Northern Michigan real estate search would be to contact me to discuss your specific goals and interests. A conversation will allow me to get a sense of what you are trying to do and offer constructive guidance on your specific search. In the interim, consider the following in your search for full-time housing in Northern Michigan:

School System

For many buyers, having access to first-rate education is a top priority. Fortunately, Northern Michigan offers a number of excellent school districts, with exceptional curriculum offerings both in and out of the classroom. Two communities that carry a uniquely strong reputation for scholastics are Petoskey & Harbor Springs. Each carries a reputation for strong academic performance, while offering a wide array of sports and extracurricular programs for students. Many other communities in Northern Michigan provide fine school systems, but if this is the driving force behind your search, Petoskey & Harbor Springs are smart communities to start with.

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A Home for ALL Seasons

When purchasing a full time residence in this area, you are signing up for a full range of weather! Our winters offer beauty and a whole separate season of recreation, but they also can impact the accessibility of some real estate. If you plan to be in this area during the winter months, I recommend staying in close proximity to towns that remain vibrant that time of year. In addition to Petoskey & Harbor Springs, towns such as Charlevoix, Boyne City, Alanson and Indian River each afford reasonable access to stores and amenities even during our colder, snowier months. You would also be wise in your search to focus on properties that are near county maintained roads, as those are often kept clearer and more navigable than private roads that have their snowplowing hired out separately. As you focus in on the community that is right for you, I can help you find properties likely to suit your needs on a year-round basis.

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Careers & Commutes

Most full-time residents in Northern Michigan are still active in the workforce, and travel to and from work is another key consideration to their housing selection. While the simple solution is to find a home in the same town where you work, there may be other considerations (schools, hospitals, family, etc) that draw you towards a nearby community. In general, there are a few considerations you can make to ensure your work location still allows you to live in your community of choice.

Petoskey is the largest economic hub in a roughly 40 mile radius, drawing employees from neighboring towns of all directions. If you elect to work in Petoskey but live in Harbor Springs, you may want to stay close to M-119. Buyers in Boyne City may prefer keeping in close proximity to M-75, while Charlevoix residents would be wise to stay north of the downtown drawbridge, which can have a major impact on Petoskey-bound traffic if you need to cross it as part of your commute in summer! If your employment will be in Gaylord or Cheboygan, you can take advantage of the I-75 connection that ties towns like Indian River, Vanderbilt, Wolverine, and Mackinaw City into those work destinations with relative ease. As you identify your career location, I am happy to help you connect it effectively to a community -and ultimately property – that is right for you.

Moving your whole life to Northern Michigan is a complex yet exciting process. I am here to help! If you are committed to moving to this area, or at least giving it serious consideration, give me a call today at (231) 622-1535 and we can begin your search!

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