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When it comes to selling Northern Michigan real estate, it is important to have a quality marketing plan. Selling is a nuanced process, and no two properties can be treated the same way. There are a few key pieces of information we will need to collect  to get you on the path to selling your property.

What Makes Your Property Special?

I will start by learning the unique features of your home. It will be important to understand the special touches and upgrades that you have added or enjoyed during your ownership. I'll want to know what drew you to the property to begin with. In reality, those same features that appealed to you may be what brings the next owner to the home as well. I'll also want to get an understanding on why you want to sell, and what changes you would make if you could to the property. Understanding a property's challenges up front will help me formulate the best way to overcome potential buyer objections. I want to know the property as well as possible, so I can represent your listing effectively.


There is a lot we can (and will) do to maximize the exposure of your real estate. However, we are fighting an uphill battle if we don't begin with the appropriate price. When I advise on price, it is based on market statistics and facts. I will provide a detailed analysis of recent sales and market trends that apply to your property. My goal is to help attract maximum dollar for my sellers, while still ensuring that our price is supported by the marketplace. Armed with a thorough understanding of the property and an appropriate price, I will be able to push the home effectively to a wide buying audience.

Quality is Key

When I take on a listing, the manner in which I represent a property is a reflection on my own brand. Accordingly, I take every detail seriously. Our signage is always quality, and oftentimes customized for high-end properties. Pictures are taken with great care to reflect well on the property. Additional tools such as drone videos, 360 tours, mailings, e-blasts, and prominent display right here on this website are all tools in our marketing toolbox. One thing you can be certain of, it is important to me that your home reflect well on both of us.

Target Buyers

The goal in listing real estate is not to see who can get the most showings. My goal is to sell my listings in a timely manner to a qualified buyer at a satisfactory price. To do this, it's not enough to just snap a few pictures and put a sign in the ground. In addition to the detailed marketing approach noted above, I will do a careful analysis of your property and the surrounding community & market. I will work to understand where we have the highest probability of success to find the next owner of your home. Every step that follows will be based on presenting to our target audience. I will work to ensure your listing is getting in front of the right eyes to get it sold.

The Right Deal

The actual negotiation and closing process is where I will perhaps prove most valuable. A high level of sophistication is required to properly structure a real estate transaction and close the deal. This must be done while ensuring all is in place to protect you as a seller. I understand the finer points of negotiating a transaction, and am sensitive to ensuring all is done to maximize my client's benefit. I would rather lose a sale than let my client participate in a bad deal. I will help you navigate offers as they come, and together we will put a sale together that achieves your goals and protects your interests.

Your real estate is likely your largest and most complex asset. If you are considering selling, you need to be certain you are receiving the professional guidance you deserve. To learn more about the process or ask questions, , please contact me anytime.

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